Yongkang Hardware Fair

October 20th, Yongkang machinery and Hardware Expo was held in Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition mainly showed the hardware and machinery industry. Through this exhibition, our company showed our products to customers, and through on-site communication, we collected information of potential customers and further understood the latest market situation of machinery market. Customers and exhibitors have been watching for several consecutive days. The company’s booth is full of people. The cutting-edge technology and remarkable effect have caused good repercussions. I wish us a new era of hardware industry!

With the establishment and improvement of the current market economy, after more than ten years of accumulation and development, the scale of hardware has become a new bright spot in the industrial industry, and even become the pillar industry of some cities and the new economic growth point to drive the regional economic development.

Our exhibition effect this year is very good. Through the patient communication between the enthusiastic staff and the exhibitors, the characteristics and advantages of the exhibits are displayed incisively and vividly under the wonderful speeches and demonstrations of the staff. After the audience and the participating enterprises have a certain understanding of the products, they all show strong cooperation intention. Through this exhibition, we broaden our horizons, and we can also do it in the future To better serve customers. At the same time, the customer has a deeper understanding of the company’s product usage and application scope,. Compared with the traditional hammers and rotary hammer on the market, the hammers made by our company are unique in appearance and high in recognition. we not only guarantee the product quality, but also have high work efficiency. In addition, in this Expo, we also give a large margin of profits for clients, hoping to achieve common growth with agents and dealers. Many customers signed the contract immediately after knowing our company and product related information in detail. Up to now, there are dozens of registered intention customers. In this exhibition, our company was lucky to be interviewed by Yongkang TV station, which also increased the popularity of our products.

We will provide more professional and efficient service for the industry.We firmly believe that under the leadership of the company, with the unremitting efforts of Jiahao employees, we will surely achieve new heights and continue to be brilliant.

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Post time: Nov-20-2020