Exclusive conference

At 3:30 p.m. on August 7, 2020, our company held a grand product exclusive conference in the center of Yongkang headquarters. Enterprises from the hardware industry were specially invited to attend the conference. Under our careful preparation, our company showed JH-168A 2200W electric demolition hammer, JH-4350AK electric demolition hammer, JH-150 electric demolion hammer and other new products to the audience

In the continuous pursuit of functionality and innovation, our company’s product research and development follow the trend, enabling upgrading, creating a series of products designed exclusively by Jiahao. At the same time, in the product design and production to do the relevant development and innovation. Especially in the oil products, we continue to develop new types, meticulous work, excellence, for the future sales strategy, we also give the corresponding suggestions, and guide the future product sales direction.

For the future development and strategic transformation planning of Jiahao, our company also made a detailed explanation. In the era of epidemic economy, we must transform and upgrade and create new models and channels for e-commerce. Only in this way can we share the market flow dividend and realize win-win coexistence.

Everyone was enthusiastic at the meeting. The on-site staff patiently explained and demonstrated the new products, including the product appearance, how to operate correctly, and the design details, features, functions, etc., so that the franchisees can have a more comprehensive understanding of each product and confirm their plans in the experience.

We hope that through this exhibition, we can pass on the information of our company’s future development, and learn more about the market feedback information and customer demand information.

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Post time: Nov-20-2020