JHPRO JH-230 New Portable Gasoline Angle Grinder for Metal Stone Cutting and Grinding

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The JH230 gasoline angle grinder offers improved ease of use without compromising its very good demolition performance. The improved engine cooling makes working at lower engine temperatures more pleasant. The new model is easier to start, extremely well balanced and has an improved useful life. Easy accessibility make maintenance and handling a breeze.

JHPRO demolition hammer The angle grinder has the functions of cutting and grindingcan cut wood or metalstone . we specializes in manufacturing high-quality power tools that can be relied upon to deliver a top-notch working performance. So if you are looking for an gasoline angle grinder that has the power for tasks like grinding and cutting , then the JH230 angle grinder is a very good choice.

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gasoline angle grinder
Specification Accessories
Engine type: 36*32mm,single cylinder, air cooling, 2-stroke
Fuel: oil mixture (gasoline:stoke engine oil:25:1)
Fuel capacity:0.9L
Displacement: 32.6cc
Max. Power and speed:1.2kw/8500r/min
Max. Torque and speed:1.45N.m/5000r/min
Fuel consumotion rate:≤0.5L/h
Impact frequency:5500r/min
Max disc diameter:230/180mm
Packing size:68.5*30*30.5cm
Blade diameter:230mm  1pc
proportioning pot: 1pc
Oil hole wrench:1pc
priming funnel:1pc
Tool bag (4,5,6 socket head wrench ,screwdriver sleeve ,spark plug socket ,srewdriver , 8-10 non-adjustable wrench ,strainer )          


Genuine 32.6cc displacement
Requires very little maintenance
Easy to operate and strong power.
No need for electricity supply
-Small handle, light weight

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